The landscape workshops with Discover Photography are sponsored by Lee Filters.

Lee Filters have kindly donated a landscape filter set including various grads, ND filters and the BIG 10 Stopper, Lee have also provided a range of holders and rings, all of which will be available to use to participants on the workshops and will be demonstrated by the Discover Photography award winning tutors.

LEE Filters manufacture a wide range of filters suitable for all aspects of photography. Resin filters are made from lightweight, optically superior polymeric materials which makes them tough, easy to handle and clean. Each resin filter is hand made by our technicians and then passed through rigorous quality control to ensure 100% accuracy. Resin filters are generally available in Grad type (half colour, half clear) or standard type (all colour). Because of the way they are made, resin filters can be manufactured in virtually any size to fit other filter systems or for hand holding. These filters are made as custom filters to your order.

Polyester filters Polyester filters are thin flexible filters, generally used for colour correction, black and white or soft focus effects. They are only available as Standards, but are considerably cheaper than resin filters in most cases and can easily be cut to fit smaller filter systems.

Some filters, by their nature need to be manufactured in glass, Polarisers, Enhancers, some Soft Focus and ND Standards and are available as 100mm glass filters to fit the standard LEE system.

An explanation from LEE Filters

We at LEE Filters are aware that our valued customers are currently facing increased waiting times, and would like to take this opportunity to explain the reasons behind the lengthy lead times of our orders.

We are in the fortunate position of having experienced an unprecedented demand for our filters over the past 18 months – in particular the neutral density graduated filters, the quality of which, we believe, are of the highest standard. We are able to attain this level of quality for the simple reason that the vast majority of our filters are hand-made. While this means we can be certain of customer satisfaction almost every time, the drawback is that we are able to produce only a limited number of filters each day – we cannot simply press a button and allow a machine do the rest.

We are as proud of our skilled team of technicians, who understand the complexities involved in producing filters that meet the standards expected by photographers,as we are of the products themselves. In the past, we have investigated the possibility of automating our manufacturing system, but we remain convinced that this option would end up compromising the quality of our product – something we are not prepared to risk. Many of our filters are used in conjunction with professional specification lenses and to cut corners on their manufacture would lead to only one thing; a degradation of image quality, and this would be unacceptable.

This massive increase in demand has also adversely affected our supply chain. We only use the best and often unique suppliers and they too have found it difficult to keep up with our demands. We also recognise the pressure that our distributors and dealers have been under for the past year, and we appreciate their efforts.

We hope the above offers some reassurance, and would like to finish by stating that LEE Filters are committed to producing filters of the highest quality, and we are continuing to research and develop new products to add to our already comprehensive range and meet the exacting needs of our customers. Both now and for the future.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.